Report from the Grand Compromise Committee

Report from the Grand Compromise Committee


The document that broke the Constitutional Convention deadlock.

Partial transcription

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The committee to whom was referred the "eighth Resolution, reported from the committee of the whole House, and so much of the seventh as hath not been decided on," submit the following Report.

That the subsequent propositions be recommended to the Convention, on condition that both shall be generally adopted.

1st. That in the first Branch of the Legislature, each of the States, now in the Union, be allowed one Member for every forty thousand inhabitants, of the description reported in the seventh resolution of the Committee of the whole House. - That each State not containing that number shall be allowed one Member. -

That all Bills for raising or apportioning Money, and for fixing the salaries of the officers of government of the United States, shall originate in the first Branch of the Legislature, and shall not be altered or amended by the Second Branch: and that no Money shall be drawn from the Publick Treasury (of the United States) but in pursuance of appropriations to be originated in the first Branch.

2nd. That in the second Branch of the Legislature, each State shall have an equal vote.

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