Mauthausen Concentration Camp


    t the Mauthausen Concentration Camp prisoners were literally worked to death. Unlike the death camps in Poland, where huge gas chambers killed thousands a day, Mauthausen killed prisoners through hard labor and torture. Mauthausen was the only Category Three concentration camp, meaning the prisoners sent there were meant to be exterminated, and exterminated through work. When the camp opened in August 1938, the prisoners were assigned to work in the granite quarries and to build the actual camp. Inmates worked in the quarries and armament factories with their bare hands, and the SS guards would kill those who fell behind or got worn out. For the prisoners who escaped when the camp was liberated, many had faced arduous labor, torture, and starvation in the most physically brutal concentration camp of the Nazi regime.

    Number of Prisoners: Approx. 8,200
    31 Dec 1940
    Number of Prisoners: 2,666
    31 Dec 1939
    Number of Prisoners: 994
    31 Dec 1938
    Number of Prisoners: Approx. 15,900
    31 Dec 1941
    Number of Prisoners: 72,392 men and 959 women
    31 Dec 1944
    Number of Prisoners: 25,697
    31 Dec 1943
    Number of Prisoners: At least 64,800 men and 1,734 women
    4 May 1945
    Number of Prisoners: 84,472 men and 1,043 women
    7 Mar 1945
    Number of Prisoners: Approx. 14,000
    31 Dec 1942
    Other: Estimated number of victims
    approx. 100,000
    Other: Established
    8 Aug 1938
    Other: Liberated
    5 May 1945
    Other: Liberation Force
    US 11th armor division
    Other: Himmler transfers prisoners to build Mauthausen
    8 Aug 1938
    Other: Last roll call
    3 May 1945
    Other: Estimated number deported to camp
    approx. 200,000
    Other: First inmate shot “while trying to escape”
    15 Nov 1938
    Other: First recorded suicide of an inmate
    18 Aug 1938
    Subcamps: Permanent Subcamps
    Subcamps: Temporary Subcamps
    Subcamps: Famous subcamps
    Gusen, Melk, Ebensee
    Other: Typhus epidemic, camp quarantined
    7 Jul 1941
    Other: SS send a shipment of gold fillings to Berlin
    1 Nov 1941
    Other: 261 Czech prisoners are gassed
    24 Oct 1942
    Other: Gusen subcamp opens
    25 May 1940
    Other: SS Dr. Karl Gross starts medical experiments
    5 Feb 1943
    Other: 570 prisoners try to escape, only 17 succeed
    2 Feb 1945
    Other: Ebensee subcamp opens
    18 Nov 1943
    Other: SS gas the sick and weak prisoners
    21 Apr 1945
    Location: City
    20 km from Linz

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