Russell B Graham

    Russell Bradford Graham

    Russell B GrahamAdded by: glennraygraham013Russell B Graham
    PARATRP01.jpgAdded by: deloy762Russell with his parachute on.
    SGTGRAM02.jpgAdded by: deloy762Tech Sergeant Graham
    YoIsMyIdeal_003.jpgAdded by: deloy762The crew of Yo Is My Ideal, a B-17 on which Russell was the tail machine gunner. He is in the back row, second from the photo's left.
    CaterpillarClubMembership.jpgAdded by: deloy762Russell was a member of the Caterpillar Club because he made an emergency parachute jump from the B-17 Yo Is My Ideal on February 26, 1945.
    YoIsMyIdeal_Plaque.jpgAdded by: deloy762Navigator J. Glasser arranged for this plaque to be made and displayed at Rougham, England, in the 94th Bombardment Group Museum.
    ParachuteGown.jpgAdded by: deloy762A great-grandchild of Russell's in a gown made by Russell's mother from part of the parachute that saved his life.
    RussellGoesForRide_2004-07-05.JPGAdded by: deloy762Russell Goes for a ride years later.
    GreatGrandchildLooksOn1.jpgAdded by: deloy762Great Grandchild watches military honors.
    GreatGrandchildLooksOn2.jpgAdded by: deloy762Great Grandchild watches military honors.
    FayeReceivesFlag.jpgAdded by: deloy762Faye receives flag.
    EldestSonLooksAtGravestone.jpgAdded by: deloy762Eldest son looks at gravestone in Willamette National Cemetery.
    A Formation Of Boein... - Page 1A Formation Of Boein... - Page 1
    Twin Formations-Two... - Page 1Twin Formations-Two... - Page 1
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    Graham, Russell Bradford (1923) - Page 1Graham, Russell Bradford (1923) - Page 1
    Graham, Russell Bradford (1923) - Page 2Graham, Russell Bradford (1923) - Page 2
    Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 1.23.57 PM.pngAdded by: jenny_ashcraft410th Bombardment Squardron emblem
    WillametteNationalCemeteryGraveSiteAdded by: deloy762Willamette National Cemetery Grave Site