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Courtney H Brewer

World War II · US Navy

United States of America
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529th_Bombardment_Squadron_-_Emblempng.jpgAdded by: tbrewerThe mascot of the 529th Squadron was LITTLE BEAVER, the Indian boy sidekick of RED RYDER in the cowboy movies of the 1930s
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380thbomb.gifAdded by: tbrewer380th Bombardment Group. AKA: The Flying Circus.
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1929 - Page 31929 - Page 3
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Brewer, Courtney HBrewer, Courtney H
1942-1945 History - Page 11942-1945 History - Page 1
Brewer, Courtney H (1919) - Page 1Brewer, Courtney H (1919) - Page 1
Sheet 4BSheet 4B
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