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George W. Renfro

George W. Renfro

Civil War (Confederate)

United States of America
1861 - 1865 Civil War (Confederate)
Regiment: Arkansas 4th Infantry (Confederate)
State: Arkansas, United States of America
Conflict Period
Conflict Period: Civil War (Confederate)
Served For
Served For: Confederate States
Military: Yes
4 Sources·4 Ancestry Records
Enlistment - 1 Aug 1861
Place: Arkansas
Rank: Cemsonpt
Rank: First Sergeant
Rank: Private
Date: 17 Aug 1861
Place: Camp Etles Head of Spring River, Missouri, USA
4 Sources·4 Ancestry Records
Mustered In
Date: 1 Aug 1861
Info: Enlisted.
4 Sources·4 Ancestry Records
Rank: Ordnance Sergeant
4 Sources·4 Ancestry Records
Name: George W. Renfro
Name: Geo W Renfor
4 Sources·4 Ancestry Records

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