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What would Kennedy do in a second term

What would Kennedy do in a second term


hat if the plot to kill Kennedy was stopped in dallas tx, how would this King of camelot , solve the problems of the sixtys. These are my ideas on what would happen on the Domestic front I belive he would of obtained programs such as Head start better pay for teachers, but I feel Kennedy may have a battle with putting medicaid through.Johnson may push it for him as a private citizen,because rumors were that Kennedy may of cut Lyndon off the 1964 ticket and put a black civil rights canidate on the ticket.Therefore Kennedy may of pull through some of his civil rights legislation,there again Johnson may of helped Kennedy pushed this, as a congressional aid of some sort.No 2 forigen policy Kennedy may of established a hotline with the Ussr and cuba to establish some form of detent and having a plan to stop nuclear missles from esculating, such as the nixon administration with china.I would not be surprise if Kennedy visit the soviet union and under Nixon help Henry kissinger may of been secertary of state for the kennedy administration.On the issue of Vietnam Kennedy may of pulled out early and settled vietnam in paris this may of kept this country from riots or splitting apart.There might of been cabinet suffling in his adminstration dept of defense and dept of state for Kennedy to have the right answers for vietnam.Finally its possible Kennedy would of beaten goldwater in 64 by using the same tatics johnson did,yes Kennedy may of cut johnson out of the64 ticket to put a future Black vice president on who may of had civil rights ties johson may of been a aide to Kennedy as a private citizen who would push these bills and help Kennedy win some legislative battles

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