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Carded Records Showing Military Service of Soldiers Who Fought in Confederate Organizations , compiled 1903 - 1927, documenting the period 1861 - 1865 M266 NARA John P These records contain card abstracts of entries relating to each soldier as found in original muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, appointment books, hospital registers, Union prison registers and rolls, parole rolls, and inspection reports. They may also contain the originals of any papers relating solely to a particular soldier. Browse by military unit, then name of soldier, or use the search box related to this title. M [Blank] Mulkey 1862 23d Infantry 586957 Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Georgia Civil War Soldiers - Confederate - GA 109 Georgia NARA M266. Compiled service records of Confederate soldiers from Georgia units, labeled with each soldier's name, rank, and unit, with links to revealing documents about each soldier.

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