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    Annotations make documents and images easier to find when using the Fold3 search. They also make it easier to find things on the page since annotations can be applied to a specific area of the image. Annotations can be flagged as Name, Person, Date, Location, Transcription, or you can add a simple Comment.

    Creating an Annotation

    1. Click on the Annotate button in the Viewer toolbar
    2. Drag the selection area to the desired location and resize it to your highlight area
    3. OR click and drag a new selection
    4. OR click Select entire image
    5. Choose the type of annotation from the dropdown at the top
    6. Type the text of your annotation in text box provided

    You can view annotations to the images by opening up the Info pane at the bottom (Click the Info button near the bottom of the screen to open the Info pane), and click Contributions.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Create Annotation: A