Fold3® Training Center

    Your Content

    Your Content contains all the records, images, Memorials, and collections that you have created, contributed to, or tagged. 

    Battles: Tag a Battle page for quick recall.

    Companies: Tag a Company page for quick recall.

    Index Records: See any indexed records that you have included in a Memorial or have added corrections or annotations.

    Images: Adding your own images to Fold3 is easy, free, and a great way to preserve and share historical photographs and documents. To upload images simply follow these steps:

    1.        Go to the Images section in your Gallery and click the Upload button.

    2.        Select one or multiple images from your computer. You can drag and drop the desired image or select the image from your computer.

    3.        PC: Hold down Shift or CTRL while clicking to select multiple files.

    4.        Mac: Hold down the Shift or the Command/Apple key.

    5.        Choose whether you want to upload your images to your Gallery or to a specific Collection or Memorial.

    6.        Add an image title and click the Upload Images button.

    Once the images are in your Gallery, you can edit their names, add descriptions, and connect them to other images. The more detail you provide, the easier it will be for others to find your contributions. You can filter your images by showing images you have tagged and images you have contributed.


    Fold3 supports. Jpg, .gif, .tif, and .png images that are less than 10 megabytes in size.


    Memorials: The Memorials tab will take you to all the Memorials you have created or contributed to. From there, you can search those Memorials for names or specific content.  You can also filter your search to Memorials you have created or Memorials you have contributed to.

    Publications: You can tag frequently searched Publications for quick access from Your Gallery.

    Regiments: Tag frequently searched Regiments for quick access from Your Gallery.

    Title Collections: You can tag frequently searched collections for quick access from Your Gallery.