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American Milestone Documents US Milestone Documents

Documents that have shaped American history.View images of the originals and learn where each document is archived. This collection provides a first-hand look at some of the nation's high and low points.

War of 1812 Pension Files War of 1812 Pension Files

The first applications were based on disability or death of a soldier. Beginning in 1871, they were based on service. A veteran's pension file typically includes his rank, place of residence, age or date of birth, and time of service.

John Jay reports to Congress using secret code WWII US Air Force Photos

View thousands of World War II era photographs of aircraft, equipment, air races, bombing tests, and military personnel - at work and play.

Project Blue Book Project Blue Book

Nearly 13,000 government UFO reports. From Alaska to Arizona, from Florida to Labrador, UFO sightings were reported from within North America and even around the world.

Pennsylvania Archives Pennsylvania Archives

More than 100,000 pages from 1664–1880. If you're interested in Pennsylvania history and want information relating to historical events, facts about ancestors, or original documents to support a research paper, the Pennsylvania Archives is an important publication to explore.

Timeline of British Colonization of America Papers of the Continental Congress

Official records of the original colonies and the early United States. The First Continental Congress (1774) addressed "intolerable acts" by the British. The Second Continental Congress (1775-1781) created the Declaration of Independence and the first national government.

First Printed Draft of the Constitution Constitutional Convention Records

Convened in Philadelphia in May 1787, the Constitutional Convention created one of the most important documents of the new nation - the United States Constitution.

A letter from Washington Regarding the Privateer Citizen Genet Copy Books of George Washington's Correspondence

Explore events that preoccupied George Washington during his years as president through these letters. The correspondence includes items as simple as trip itineraries to more complex issues such as the conduct of the US in wars of other nations, and Thomas Jefferson's opinion of the constitutionality of the Residence Act in 1790.

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