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Hope someone else sees this. Col John Sevier, put up a white flag at Chillhowey, and old Abrams son went over to get him and his men..and Sevier came over and killed Old Abram,His son, Tassel, His son, hangingmaw and his son, then Sevier stole Old Abrams wife and daughter.. What an american hero sevier..NOT!! This man should never be honored with anything!!

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Official records of the original colonies and the early United States. The First Continental Congress (1774) addressed "intolerable acts" by the British. The Second Continental Congress (1775-1781) created the Declaration of Independence and the first national government. The Congress of the Confederation (1781-1789) followed. Read important papers, letters, treaties, and reports--famous and obscure--relating to the formation of the new nation, as penned by the founding fathers.

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