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31-Dec-1941 › Page 12 -

You are here: Pearl Harbor Muster RollsPearl Harbor Naval Shipyard ([Blank]-[Blank])1941Muster Rolls31-Dec-1941 › Page 12

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Records on this document

  • Hamlin, Charles Smith

  • Hamm, Floyd Scott

  • Hansen, Ejnar Henry

  • Hardy, J Lyle

  • Harney, Michael James

  • Hartling, Gerald A

  • Henderson, Wesley Mathew

  • Hendrickson, Carl

  • Herrington, Allen

  • Hibbard, Wade Joseph

  • Himmer, Russell

  • Holt, James Allen

  • Holzhaus, Ralph Leonard

  • Huffman, Leonard W

  • Hughes, Loyal Hugh

  • Huss, Robert Albert

  • Jahnsen, Leanard Mac

  • Jarrell, Robert Christian

  • Johnson, Edwin E

  • Johnson, Leonard

  • Johnston, Robert Guy

  • Jones, Elisha

  • Jones, James Albert

  • Jungk, Donald Francis

  • Kapff, Louis Lavern

  • Keller, David Louis

  • Keller, James Lyonall

  • Keller, Stanley Russell

  • Kennedy, John William

  • Kercheval, George William

  • Kimbrell, Robert Franklin

  • King, G C

  • Klement, David Pat

  • Knapp, Russell Gerome

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Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls

These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships based at Pearl Harbor, 1939-47, as well as reports of changes for sailors transferred to other ships or locations, and those missing or dead.

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