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Grace Stone Craycroft was born 19 Sep 1896, New York City, New York, and died 4 Dec 1989, Washington, D.C. She was married to Admiral Robert Bostwick Carney in Sept. 1918.


Anna Madison Craycroft, nee Colton, was born 7 Jun 1874, Aquasco, Maryland, and died in childbirth 14 Jan 1908, Prince George's County, Maryland.


Robert Lee Craycroft was born 28 Sep 1863, Aquasco, Maryland and died 5 Mar 1939, Prince George's County, Maryland.

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Passport Applications, 1795-1905

NARA M1372. Letters and form applications for U.S. passports. An application may include supporting letters and affidavits from friends and relatives concerning the applicant's citizenship, residence, and character. It also may contain information regarding the applicant's immediate family, date and place of birth, occupation, physical characteristics, and (if foreign) of naturalization. Images are ordered by the surname initial, then by application date, yet not alphabetically beyond the surname initial.

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