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“Justus was buried in the Heppner cemetery on the Fourth of July. He probably would have liked that. Three weeks later, his widow Susan, now sixty-eight, filed a Declaration for Widow’s Pension in Heppner. After all, Justus’s pension at the time of his death was $30 per month, a tidy sum in those days.” (From Whither Thou Goest by Patrick Simpson).


“Evidently, somebody somewhere made a decision. Justus was given a certificate of disability and discharged three weeks later, February 24, 1865, as a result of “partial paralysis of right leg from gun shot [cannon ball ] wound of thigh?received in battle at North Anna, May 24, 1864.” He was declared “unfit for service” …disability two thirds (2/3).” Although Justus had suffered partial paralysis of his right leg and limped badly, he had survived the war.” (From Whither thou Goest by Patrick Simpson).

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