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Crew aboard : 2Lt Bohn E. Fawkes Jr (pilot) 2Lt Charles A Mauldin (copilot) 2Lt Elmer S Bendiner (navigator) 2Lt Robert L Hejny (bombardier) T/Sgt Frederick J Reinhard (radio) T/Sgt Lawrence H Reedman (engineer) T/Sgt Walter J Gray (ball turret gunner) S/Sgt Harry L Edwards (right waist gunner) S/Sgt John A Leary (left waist gunner) T/Sgt Michael Arooth (tail gunner)


42-29896 "Tondelayo" (379th BG 527th BS FO-Y/V) was forced to ditch on 6 sept 43 with Fawkes crew (all returned)

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