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extract from mission report (source : website) All of the crews felt that the raid was a success. Great billows of smoke and flames rose from the target area. Photographs confirmed that tremendous damage was done. Lt Col. William A. Hatcher, commanding Officer of the 351st BG(H) at Polebrook who was flying an orientation mission as co-pilot on the Fortress The '8' Ball MK II, piloted by Capt. William R. Calhoun, stated, "It was my second raid and it was a hell of a lot better than the first one which was Bremen. They tell me the bombing was perfect. I am learning a lot each time." Capt. Calhoun, a veteran of many bombing raids, said, "It was a good mission as far as I am concerned. My bombardier, Capt. Robert Yonkman, told me that the bombing was really something."


i don't think Gen Travis is on the pic, man could be LtCol Hatcher (351st BG CO)

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