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Records on this document

  • Bricker, Edwin Dyson

  • Brickles, Franklin Roscoe

  • Bricker, Levi Monroe

  • Brickman, George Albert

  • Bridge, Carl James

  • Bridger, Kilie Elvira

  • Bridgers, George Alexander

  • Bridees, Burlin Chase

  • Bridges, William Crawford

  • Bridgman, J Allington

  • Bridgman, Richard Hodgson

  • Brien, James Neal

  • Brier, William Wallace

  • Briggs, Edwin J

  • Briggs, Rachel Veronica

  • Briggs, Richard Frost

  • Briggs, Ruth Mary

  • Briggs, William Arthur

  • Briggs, Winifred Marie

  • Brigham, Claude Ernest

  • Brigham, Wesley Crowell

  • Brightman, Austin Courtenay

  • Brightman, John Yeomans

  • Brill, Albert

  • Brimmer, Howard Waite

  • Brinckerhoff, Gilbert Guion

  • Brindle, Harry Cockrell

  • Brindley, Arthur Frederick

  • Brlndley, John Roosevelt

  • Bringham, Robert Amedee

  • Brink, Johnnie Clites

  • Brinkley, Charles Alexander

  • Brinkley, Joseph Shields

  • Brinson, Noah Mathew

  • Brinson, Robert Hendrick

  • Brisach, Raymond Charles

  • Brisack, Floyd Raymond

  • Bristol, Matt Combes

  • Bristor, John Drake

  • Britell, Claude Carroll

  • Britt, Albert Sidney

  • Britt, Henry Chesnutt

  • Britt, James Archie

  • Britt, Robert Clarence

  • Britt, Roy Edgar

  • Brittain, Courtland Forrest

  • Britten, Roland Leon

  • Brittingham, Arthur Dewitt

  • Brittingham, James Francis

  • Britton, Frank Knight

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Army Registers, 1798-1969

Each volume lists officers who served in the United States Army. The amount of information differs by publication, but typically includes rank, date of commission, former commissions, when they entered service, and where they were born. The pages are OCR searchable, and some include indexes at the back of the book. Note that the officers are those who served in the U.S. Army, and not in state regiments.

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