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1964, Vol 1 › Page 565 -

You are here: US Army Military Registers, 1798-19691964, Vol 1 › Page 565

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Records on this document

  • West, Martha Maria

  • West, Nina

  • West, Oliver Ilan

  • West, Pleasant Hugh

  • West, Richard Luther

  • West, Robert Hamilton

  • West, Ronald Philip

  • West, Steven George

  • West, Thomas Cato

  • West, Wilfred Weiderholt

  • West, William Astor

  • West, William Frederic

  • West, William Whitehead

  • Westall, Bynum Porter

  • Westberg, William Jay

  • Westbrook, Clyde Hoxie

  • Westbrook, Joseph Albert

  • Westbrook, Robert Lane

  • Westbrook, Tommy Ray

  • Westbrooke, Jack Griffin

  • Westcott, Edwin Thomas

  • Westcott, William Carter

  • Wester, William Albert

  • Westerbeke, John Henry

  • Westerfeldt, Robert Callan

  • Westerfield, Frank McClellan

  • Westerman, George Frederick

  • Westermann, Thomas Randolph

  • Westermeier, John Thomas

  • Western, George Edwin

  • Westervelt, John Robinson

  • Westfall, Arlie Harold

  • Westfall, Chester Carlton

  • Westfall, Clarence Richard

  • Westfall, Francis Dugan

  • Westgard, William Crawford

  • Westhoff, William Joseph

  • Westhoven, Mary Frances

  • Westin, Paul Robert

  • Westlake, Richard Keith

  • Westmoreland, James Andrew

  • Westmoreland, Raymond Milton

  • Westmoreland, Verlon Eugene

  • Westmoreland, William Childs

  • Weston, Alan Evans

  • Weston, Henry Dale

  • Weston, John Moore

  • Weston, Ray Dean

  • Weston, Robert Allan

  • Westphal, Ralph Erwin

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Army Registers, 1798-1969

Each volume lists officers who served in the United States Army. The amount of information differs by publication, but typically includes rank, date of commission, former commissions, when they entered service, and where they were born. The pages are OCR searchable, and some include indexes at the back of the book. Note that the officers are those who served in the U.S. Army, and not in state regiments.

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