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  • Kilpatrick, Judson

  • Cambrelling, Churchill C

  • Miller, James

  • Onderdonk, Benjamin F

  • Agnes, Felix

  • Fowler, Edward R

  • Chambers, William

  • Nott, Josiah P

  • Cohen, Henry E

  • Petty, Thomas J

  • Kent, William J

  • Robinson, John H

  • Cochran, James

  • Aaron, Charles

  • Allison, Andrew

  • Brady, John

  • Broadbent, Thomas

  • Butler, William H

  • Brady, William

  • Bruner, Edward

  • Bynner, William H

  • Ballet, Frederick

  • Boyd, James F

  • Baxter, Charles E

  • Brennan, David H

  • Clement, William H

  • Cochran, James A

  • Coneray, William D

  • Dunn, John

  • Dipple, George W

  • Dobbs, Theodore S

  • Dubois, William

  • Engall, Edward

  • Escher, Augustus

  • Farrell, James H

  • Finley, George F

  • Fay, John

  • Giddings, Albert

  • Glynn, James G

  • Heffernan, John

  • Henry, James

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New York Civil War Regiment Lists

The lists are primarily taken from muster rolls of each regiment. The introductory material in the first four volumes relates the history behind the formation of the New York Regiments for the war.

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