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FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT 1. S/SGT Vern W. Laucks 2. S/SGT Robert M. Boyer (OHIO) 3. PVT Ted Noey ** 1st Platoon 4. SGT William Gould (Ind)5. SGT Edward J Itczak (IND)6. SGT Edward Main (PENN) 7. 1st SGT Cyril Cosgrove “COZ”(PENNA) 8. T/SGT Rudolph H. Hoffman (MICH)9. T/SGT George W Ingram (IND) 10. Feathers, George W. 11. 2nd LT Donald Rock (N. DAK) 12. 1st LT. John Ehling (NJ) 13. Palka, John (IL)** Captain 14. 2nd LT Samuel Lazier ** 1st Platoon 15. 2nd LT James W Burke 16. Thompson, Donald 17. S/SGT Frank LaBate ** 1st Platoon 18. Bednarczyk, Dan 19. S/SGT Eugene Clark “ Pop” (CA) 20. S/SGT Fred King (IND) 21. S/SGT David E. Bolyard (Ind) 22. S/SGT James E. Zehringer (OHIO) 23. S/SGT Paul Fletcher 24. S/SGT Raymond R Harden 25. S/SGT Harry Heatley JR (PENN) 26. S/SGT Vincent J. Lamolinara(Ohio) 27. S/SGT Edward H. Cleary SECOND ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. PFC Maurice J Mosier 2. Paul Triplett 3. PFC (SGT) Charles Kirian 4. T-5 Lawrence C Tolie 5. PVT John Adamson 6. PVT John Mattoni 7. PVT Fred Cammarata 8. PVT Robert Wells 9. PFC Harold McSherry 10. CPL Ernest Miller 11. McMurray, Rod 12. SGT Leo Ostrum 13. SGT Estal Webb 14. S/SGT Earl D. Holland JR 15. CHIEF CLERK Bergstrom, Rowland 16. Martinez, Joe (Joseph) 17. PVT Marion Newcombe 18. PVT Alfred Distefano 19. PVT Joseph E. Taylor 20. T/5 Edwin A. Telkin 21. PFC James G. Adair JR “ACE” 22. Redding, Richard J 23. PFC Cecil Morts 24. CPL Roland R. Tilli 25. PFC John B Rodwan 26. PVT William H Parmenter THIRD ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT 1. S/SGT (CPL) Dwight E. Bevington 2. Quigley, John P. “QUIG” 3. PVT Carl Symons 4. PVT Albert W. Rumble 5. PVT Manny Katcher 6. SGT Francis Warner 7. Polick, Rudolph 8. PFC Veryl W. Diem 9. PFC Robert LittleField 10. S/SGT (PVT) Harry Pense 11. PFC (PVT) Harold G Gowler 12. PFC Jack L. Cooley 13. CPL Perry Crowley 14. PFC Clifford Breckan 15. PVT Robert McNama 16. PFC Robert Fette 17. PFC Warren H. Richards 18. PFC Earl D. Scott 19. CPL Tyres R. Ayres 20. SGT Richard S. Lawson “DICK” 21. PVT Lynn W. Dick 22. PVT Melvin Mossburg 23. PVT Charles J. Danek 24. Watson, Charles ( 25. PFC Gerald F. Alfons FOURTH ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT 1. T-4 Rufus H. Jenks 2. PFC Harold K. Denny 3. CPL Fred J Hoke 4. PFC (PVT) James Lewis ( 5. PVT Chas (Charles) Francis 6. PFC (PVT) Walter Block 7. PFC Milton “Andy” Anderson 8. PFC Samuel M. Kosowitz 9. CPL Leon Roser 10. CPL Clarence E. Miller 11. PFC Carl E. Williams JR 12. CPL John J. Maddocks 13. PFC Thomas Oliver 14. CPL Clifford Hemming 15. PVT Chas (Charles) Willow 16. PVT Charles Morton 17. T/4 Loy O. Collins 18. William Little 19. CPL Alvin Cohen 20. CPL Lloyd E. Farthing 21. PVT John Burkehart 22. PVT John Medwid 23. PVT Jack Hembley 24. PVT Daniel H. Ming 25. PFC Robert E. Stubbs

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