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New Jersey › Page 23 -

You are here: War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel, 1946New Jersey › Page 23

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Records on this document

  • Morgan, Charles

  • Morgan, George Jasper

  • Morley, James Joseph

  • Morone, Leon

  • Morrison, Edward Joseph

  • Morrissey, Fred Joseph

  • Morrissey, Harry C

  • Morrissey, James Aloysius

  • Morton, Hubert Allen

  • Moryan, Alexander

  • Moskal, Edward Ignatz

  • Mount, Willard Harvey

  • Mrozek, Albert Christopher

  • Mueller, Clifford Martin

  • Mugaveiro, Anthony

  • Mugrauer, Herbert

  • Muir, Thomas J

  • Muldoon, George Arthur

  • Mulhearn, William Joseph

  • Mullaney, Jerome Martin

  • Mullen, Clarence L

  • Mulligan, James W

  • Mulligan, Patrick W

  • Mulligan, William Edward

  • Mulvanerton, Francis R

  • Mulvihill, Peter A

  • Murachanian, Edward

  • Murphy, Christopher Bartholomew

  • Murphy, Edward L

  • Murphy, Jonathan T

  • Murphy, William Joseph

  • Musielski, Harold Francis

  • Nalbone, James Charles

  • Nalbone, Samuel Joseph

  • Namesansky, Edward Ernest

  • Napoli, Anthony

  • Narducci, Joseph Angelo

  • Natter, Charles William

  • Naugle, Kenneth Seth

  • Nawodczynski, Felis S

  • Neighbors, Sidney

  • Neill, Peter Anthony

  • Nelson, Glenn Charles

  • Nemeth, Francis John

  • Ness, George William

  • Neubauer, Francis Michael

  • Niader, William Vladomir

  • Nichols, Benjamin J

  • Nicholson, Peter Albert

  • Nickerson, Ralph Charles

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About this Publication Title

WWII Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Casualty List

This series, published in 1946, lists individuals on active duty in the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard and who sustained casualties resulting directly from enemy action or from operational activities against the enemy in war zones from December 7, 1941, to the end of the war. The lists include the name, serial number, grade, and type of casualty of both battle and non-battle dead and missing.

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