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  • Webb, Charles D

  • Webb, William C

  • Webber, Arthur D

  • Weber, Charles A

  • Weber, Charles W

  • Weber, Cyrus R

  • Weber, Donald J

  • Weber, Emil B

  • Weber, Nicholas J

  • Weber, Raymond T

  • Weber, Richard J

  • Weber, Walter G

  • Weert, Edward

  • Weglarz, Chester S

  • Weglowski I, Matthew

  • Wegrzyn, Adam A

  • Wegrzyn, Stanley P

  • Wehlan, Paul M

  • Weicel, Linus P

  • Weil, Lester E

  • Weimer, Frank E

  • Weimer, Lew A

  • Weinberg, Albert E

  • Weinberg, Harold H

  • Weinberg, Irving

  • Weinberg, Stanley S

  • Weiner, George A

  • Weinglass, Ben

  • Weinstein, Fred

  • Weir, George J

  • Weir, Larry R

  • Weirick, Richard J

  • Weis, Norman J

  • Weis, Paul A

  • Weisbach, Robert G

  • Weiser, Thomas C

  • Wiess, Gustav

  • Wiess, Leo

  • Wiess, Marvin H

  • Wiess, Robert L

  • Wiess, Sam

  • Weissman, Louis

  • Weitock, Arthur J

  • Welch, Donald P

  • Welenowski, Joseph J

  • Welk, Edward J

  • Wellek, Harold

  • Weller, John G

  • Weller, Robert L

  • Welling, Peter C

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WWII Army and Army Air Force Casualty List

This series, published in 1946, includes lists of dead or missing Army personnel for each of the forty-eight existing states, the District of Columbia, and Territories and Possessions of the United States. Only those persons who died in a line-of-duty status with the Army or Army Air Forces from May 27, 1941, to January 31, 1946, are listed. The lists include the name, serial number, grade, and type of casualty of both battle and non-battle dead and missing.

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