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V1.0030/IX Heirs Of Samuel Goldstern ("Fango" Heilanstalt) › Page 25 -

You are here: Records of the Property Control Branch of the U.S. Allied Commission for Austria (USACA), 1945-1950Cases and Reports Relating to Property and Equipment Released by Vienna Area Command (VAC) to the Austrian GovernmentV1.0030/IX Heirs Of Samuel Goldstern ("Fango" Heilanstalt) › Page 25

Member Contributions for V1.0030/IX Heirs Of Samuel Goldstern ("Fango" Heilanstalt) › Page 25 -

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USACA - Property Control Branch

The Property Control Branch was responsible for interpreting policy concerning the control of United Nations and German property in the U.S. Zone of Austria and ensuring the implementation of the Trustee Agreement. The branch was charged with maintaining liaisons with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Property Control and Economic Planning and the Zone and Land Civil Affairs Property Control Officers. Additionally, the branch negotiated interzonal movement of German-owned property with other elements.

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