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I believe that Conrad Troell was born in Wichmannshausen Germany although I am not certain what date. I believe he was the younger brother of Heinrich George (Henry) Troell. The Troell family first appeared in church records in the upper Weser watershed (Wichmanshausen in on the Werra River. The name appears to have originated in Sweden and I believe there is an unconfirmed ancestry linked to Swedish movie producer Jan Troell. I am not certain when Conrad emigrated, but his brother Henry arrived at Indianola Texas in 1859 when 18. He volunteered in 1861 and served with an artillery detachment of the 4th Texas Calvary, Company C including during Sibley's failed attempt to capture New Mexico and Arizona. Henry later took a regular commission with the 1st Texas heavy Artillery. Henry ended up assigned to the Nichols Foundry at Galveston. After the war Henry open a freighting business in Victoria Texas, freighting goods to the German settlements around San Antonio Texas. By the early 1870s Henry settled in Seguin, Texas. Where he would later build and operate a cotton gin and later the first hydro-electric damn in the state of Texas. Some years after the war (if this is the same Conrad) Conrad opened a barber shop with a black freedman (the name escapes me at the moment) in Seguin. I believe in the late 1880s or early 1890's Conrad Troell left Seguin Texas and may have settled in or around San Fransisco California. There is also another line of Troells which originally settled in the Pennsylvania area. There are almost certainly related to Henry Troell but I have not found the connection. There is a Dr. Robert Troell in California and I do not know if he descends from the Texas branch of the Troells or the Pennsylvania branch of the Troells.

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