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1945 › Page 151 -

You are here: U.S. World War II Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949IIndianapolis (VCS-4)1945 › Page 151

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Records on this document

  • Hutchison, Merle Byron

  • Igou, Floyd

  • Izor, Walter Eugene

  • Jackson, Henry

  • Jacquemot, Joseph Alexander

  • Jadloski, George Kenneth

  • Jakubisin, Joseph Sylvester

  • James, Woodie Eugene

  • Jeffers, Wallace Mansfield

  • Jensen, Chris Alstrum

  • Jensen, Eugene Wenzel

  • Jewell, Floyd Raymond

  • Johnson, Bernard John

  • Johnson, Elwood Wilbur

  • Johnson, George Glen

  • Johnson, Harold Bernard

  • Johnson, Sidney Bryant

  • Johnson, Walter Marion

  • Johnson, William Albert

  • Johnston, Earl Rankin

  • Johnston, Lewis Eugene

  • Johnston, Ray Frances

  • Johnston, Scott Albert

  • Jones, Clinto Leroy

  • Jones, George Edward

  • Jones, Jim

  • Jones, Kenneth Malcolm

  • Jones, Sidney

  • Jones, Stanley Fairwick

  • Jordan, Henry

  • Jordan, Thomad Hardin

  • Josey, Clifford Odell

  • Jurgensmeyer, Alfred Joseph

  • Jurkiewicz, Raymond Stanley

  • Justice, Robert Eugene

  • Karpal, Daniel Larence

  • Karter, Leo Clement

  • Kasten, Stanley Otto

  • Katsikas, Gust Constanine

  • Kawa, Raymond Philip

  • Kazmierski, Walter

  • Kees, Shalous Eugene

  • Keith, Everett Edward

  • Kelly, Albert Raymond

  • Kemp, David Poole

  • Kenly, Oliver Wesley

  • Kennedy, Andrew Jackson

  • Kennedy, Robert Arthur

  • Kenny, Francis Joseph Patrick

  • Kephart, Jpaul

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About this Publication Title

WWII Navy Muster Rolls

These records include detailed muster rolls listing all personnel assigned to ships, stations, and activities for the U.S. Navy, 1939-1949, as well as reports of changes for sailors transferred to other ships or locations, and those discharged, deserted, hospitalized, missing, or dead. Passenger lists for nonenlisted personnel are also included.

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