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  • Wickers, Richard

  • Seymour, Charles Sinclair

  • Barnes, William

  • Biddle, Nicholas

  • Fanning, Joshua

  • Wallingford, [Blank]

  • Jarvis, James C

  • Young, Samuel

  • Seely, Amos

  • Caldwell, James R

  • Dorsey, John

  • Israel, Joseph

  • Somers, Richard

  • Henry, Wadsworth

  • John H, Bird

  • John, Taylor

  • Funck, John M

  • Watts, George

  • Sisson, Alexander

  • Alwyn, John C

  • Thompson, Benjamin

  • Ballard, Edward

  • Evans, John

  • Hopewell, Pollard

  • Livingston, Courtlandt

  • White, William A

  • Adams, Peter

  • Lawrence, James

  • Ludlow, Augustus C

  • Allen, William H

  • Burrows, William

  • Clark, John

  • Lamb, Henry

  • Willmer, James F

  • Cowell, John G

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Navy Casualty Reports, 1776-1941

Reports were prepared by the U.S. Navy. They are arranged by casualty type - drowning, enemy action, aviation accidents, shipwreck - and presented chronologically. Most reports present the circumstances in detail with name and rank of sailor; others are lists of names, with rank, date of casualty, and location (ship or station). Wars covered include Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, and others.

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