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Records on this document

  • Judge, Katharine M

  • Judge, Leland H

  • Judge, Gardon H

  • Myers, Hannah

  • Hanington, John

  • Robinson, Samuel

  • Helmer, Harvey R

  • Helmer, Sarah A

  • Ingalls, Erwin

  • Ingalls, Ruth M

  • Ingalls, Arthur

  • Ingalls, Howard

  • Heslin, Wesley J

  • Heslin, Mernie O

  • Spencer, Julius O

  • Spencer, Mary L

  • Spencer, Ada B

  • Churchill, Frank W

  • Churchill, Minnie M

  • Churchill, Ruth M

  • Churchill, Frank C

  • Churchill, Edna G

  • Churchill, Mabel E

  • Churchill, George S

  • Churchill, Robert

  • Hawley, William H

  • Hawley, Cora K

  • Hawley, Harold H

  • Betsinger, Henry

  • Betsinger, Marian

  • Spencer, Heber R

  • Phelps, Harriet L

  • Phelps, Spencer E

  • Watkins, John

  • Watkins, Margaret

  • Van Der Warker, Eleanor

  • Van Der Warker, Mary F

  • Dexter, Eliza J

  • Fox, Eugene C

  • Fox, Cora C

  • Fox, Dorothy E

  • Martin, Frederick G

  • Martin, Evalyn J

  • Martin, Moura M

  • Suits, Hubbard

  • Brooks, George H

  • Brooks, Ida L

  • Brooks, Marion L

  • Brooks, Grace A

  • Van Valkenburg, Isaac B

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Census - US Federal 1920

The 1920 census records each person whose "place of abode" was with a particular family as of January 1, 1920. Data for each person includes citizenship, education, occupation, and birthplace and native tongue of the person and his or her parents. If foreign-born it details the year of immigration to the U.S., whether they are naturalized and, if so, the year they were naturalized.

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