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Records on this document

  • Arnold, Theresa M

  • Newhart, Freda C

  • Schell, Margaret

  • Patterson, Mabel H

  • Blythe, Mabel E

  • Williams, Ellan K

  • Gillespie, Helen

  • Kirkee, Margaret L

  • Reisinger, Horace W

  • Reisinger, Alice H

  • Reisinger, Katherine E

  • Reisinger, Margaret M

  • Walker, Maud J

  • Walker, Kate A

  • Walker, Lola L

  • Walker, Grac E

  • Jordan, John

  • Nigon, Joseph

  • Bryant, Lulu

  • McKenney, Samuel S

  • McKenney, Viola

  • Clawson, Mary

  • Skelly, Sarah

  • Skelly, Agnes

  • Skelly, Mary

  • Skelly, Lida D

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Census - US Federal 1910

The 1910 census records those individuals and families living in a particular residence as of April 15, 1910. Of particular interest in this census is column 30, "Whether a survivor of Union or Confederate Army or Navy," which can help determine if pension and service records may be available for that individual.

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