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Residence is in Brooklyn


Robert is noted to be electrician in shipyard. Anna's mother's place of birth is Germany. Robert's father's place of birth is Ireland.

Records on this document

  • Agricola, Edith E

  • Agricola, Edyth E

  • Agricola, Henry

  • Agricola, Myra

  • Blanthorn, Freda A

  • Blanthorn, John W

  • Broderick, Jerome

  • Broderick, Margarit

  • Bromwell, Arthur F

  • Bromwell, John W

  • Bromwell, Margaret E

  • Bromwell, Sabina

  • Burr, Evelyn

  • Burr, Walter

  • Diessler, Charles H

  • Dolan, Dorothy

  • Dolan, Ellen L

  • Dolan, Joseph A

  • Dolan, Joseph A

  • Dolan, Mary

  • Dolan, William J

  • Dolan, William J

  • Donepp, Emma

  • Donepp, William

  • Geltz, Gertrude

  • Glaser, August

  • Glaser, Catherine

  • Glaser, Christian

  • Glaser, Christine

  • Glaser, John

  • Glaser, John F

  • Jones, Gertrude E

  • Jones, Oscar S

  • McEdithy, Susan

  • McGlinchey, Anna

  • McGlinchey, John

  • McGlinchey, Robert

  • McGlinchey, Robert

  • Oggeri, Frank A

  • Oggeri, Jane A

  • Wilt, Berta

  • Wilt, Evelyn

  • Wilt, Mary A

  • Wilt, William H

  • Young, Caroline

  • Young, Helen

  • Young, Joseph

  • Zeller, Anna

  • Zeller, Catherine

  • Zeller, Louis W

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Census - US Federal 1920

The 1920 census records each person whose "place of abode" was with a particular family as of January 1, 1920. Data for each person includes citizenship, education, occupation, and birthplace and native tongue of the person and his or her parents. If foreign-born it details the year of immigration to the U.S., whether they are naturalized and, if so, the year they were naturalized.

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