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Records on this document

  • Volkert, Georg

  • Maurath, Ferdinand

  • Haas, Paul

  • Adam, Michael

  • Pies, Otto

  • Duschak, Alfons

  • Boerner, Ernst

  • Hilpke, Karl

  • Stoll, Jacob

  • Veith, August

  • Konopasek, Franz

  • Heid, Lorenz

  • Kruml, Wenzel

  • Scholze, Alois

  • Ralks, Hubert

  • Weisbecker, Walter

  • Lück, Josef

  • Ziegel, Schulem

  • Bauduin, Johann

  • Wahler, Martin

  • Oberlack, Theodor

  • Kveton, Johann

  • Sigwalt, Karl

  • Gruca, Josef

  • Kepinski, Josef

  • Majerski, Stanisl

  • Ryznar, Wenzel

  • Wowro, Anton

  • Zwenig, Karl

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Dachau Entry Registers

The Dachau Zugangsbucher (translated as entry or arrival registers) provide the names, "serial numbers," and details for over 150,000 prisoners. Pages are arranged chronologically and names are then listed alphabetically. For the first time, the names have been indexed and can be found through Footnote's search feature. Originally established in 1933 for political prisoners, by 1941 Dachau became a concentration camp for Jews and others from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, France, and Russia.

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