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Thank you so much for posting the picture of the "Homesick Angel". Edward (Russell) Larrivee was my first cousin. I never knew him because I was born several years after he was killed. Of course my Aunt Josephine knew that her son had been killed, but she never found out if his body had ever been found. One or both of the surviving crew members visited her after the war and told her that he had never bailed out. On a trip to the American Cemetery in France in 1999 I found out that his remains had been buried in an American Cemetery in the Netherlands. When I returned home and told my mother (the last surviving of that generation) she cried "If only Aunt Josephine had found out". Strange but true. My cousin Russell had married before he went overseas, so my guess is that the military only notified his widow when his body was found. My Aunt just assumed that he had been lost. Again, thank you for your picture. elaineb24@myfairpoint.net

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