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Ira Kyle (1918) to Ira Forest Kile

Connection made 27 Nov 2014.

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Ira Forest Kile to wingsish

Ira Forest is my dad

My profile photo is the markers of my father's parents

Connection made 14 Apr 2014.

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JERRY ALLEN WHITE.jpg Is from the Same Document JERRY ALLEN WHITE.jpg

Connection made 13 Apr 2014.

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David's niece LORA LEIGH KYLE.jpg Includes Same Person(s) David's niece LORA LEIGH.JPG

This generation changed the spelling of the last name "Kile" to "Kyle"

Connection made 13 Apr 2014.

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Ira Kile 3-20-2014 memorial.jpg Includes Same Person(s) doris's ira kile tree.jpeg

Show's my tax document with tree from j. w. Kile to me (Buddy Leroy Kyle)

Connection made 19 Mar 2014.

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