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Lynn Wymer (1915) to Lynn W Wymer

Connection made 28 May 2013.

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Lynn W Wymer to wendelmelrose


Lynn William Wymer, born near Portales, N.M., 17 Jul 1915 to Levi & Clara

Connection made 30 Nov 2011.

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Guy E Melrose to wendelmelrose


Guy Elmore Melrose was a son of Joseph M. Melrose & Ella Kinzer Melrose

Connection made 30 Nov 2011.

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US Army award of Bronze Star to Hugh H. Melrose Includes Same Person(s) Bronze Star Award

Connection made 27 Nov 2011.

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Hugh H Melrose to wendelmelrose


I am Hugh's only son and I have a twin sister.

Connection made 05 Nov 2009.

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Massie Kinzer to wendelmelrose


Connection made 04 Nov 2009.

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