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Louis Obreza to valeria77


Louis ,was My Great-Uncle. His younger brother,Antony,was my grandfather. If You knew him,please email me; @ thanks.

Connection made 07 Nov 2013.

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Anthony Obreza to Louis Obreza

They were both in WWII , But My Grandfather; Anthony Obreza, lived in NY> did n't fight in same locations, so far as I have read. MY Great)Uncle Louis, was also in WWII ,but staerted out in FT Wayne ,Indianna.

Connection made 27 Aug 2013.

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Beaz A Aldi to valeria77

He passed qway on ly s yesr sgo , I misss You so very much. Love always..

Connection made 26 Aug 2013.

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Beaz Anthony Aldi to valeria77

we had a very special friendship. I will forever miss "our"talks.I love You

Connection made 08 Aug 2013.

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