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Thomas POOL to segers

R-P312 -My 6th grt grandfather

Proven paper trail: Army surgeon Dr. Thomas Pool (1708/1741 Cartagena)> cordwainer, Thomas Jr (1730/1781)>Wm2 b.1766 (not Wm1 b1759)>Wm Jr>James [Poole Rd] * * * me. His descent from John Pool (c1609/1667) is solid-but we need link to correct UK POLE POOLL DELA POLE ancient line-I have sponsored YDNA,SNP & autosomal DNA. Help needed from R1b/R-P312 haplo Poole men of UK.

Connection made 08 Nov 2009.

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John Poolle to Thomas POOL

Wealthy John Poole is the great grandfather of British surgeon, Dr. Thomas Pool (1708/1741 Cartagena); see detailed Memorial Page on 6th great grandfather (Dr. Thomas Pool(e), fold3 spotlights, plum group YDNA results (Poole DNA Project & Allied Families, ftdna). Please add your knowledge-thank you! All input and sources are important. R-P312 Haplo YDNA needed to match.

Connection made 15 Jan 2012.

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