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Walter A Stuebgen Includes Same Person(s) SCN_0003.jpg

Walter's son John

Connection made 05 Feb 2013.

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21949_107618809253612_100000164799768_213901_3730295_n.jpg Includes Same Person(s) l_4f416bb99b794fd989735c985009b190.jpg

Walters granddaughter Ashley and grandson Austin

Connection made 05 Feb 2013.

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6293_1212327386761_1186074769_642914_2167658_n.jpg Includes Same Person(s) 216976_1967985237735_1186074769_2414857_7011296_n.jpg

Walters grandson Michael

Connection made 05 Feb 2013.

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Walter A Stuebgen to sammis1955872

Connection made 04 Feb 2013.

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