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Andrew J Sayers to kamtree

Connection made 08 Jun 2013.

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Edward Taiman (1925) to kamtree

Connection made 07 Jun 2013.

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Orange Dudley to kamtree

grand uncle

Killed in Comat

Connection made 24 May 2013.

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Giuseppe Stenta to kamtree

Great Grandfather - in law

My wife's great grandfather

Connection made 26 Sep 2011.

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John Sayers to kamtree

great great uncle

Brother of great hreat grandfather

Connection made 17 May 2010.

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Henry Herchenroder to kamtree

Great Aunt's Husband

Connection made 22 Jan 2010.

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Alfred C LeMay to kamtree

Great Uncle

My Father's Uncle

Connection made 02 Jul 2009.

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