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Louis Henry Chaplain to jbjacoby333

Louis was a brother of my maternal grandfather, John Maximillian Chaplain.

Connection made 02 Mar 2013.

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Annie Chaplain to jbjacoby333

Maternal Grandmother

She is the daughter of Gabriel Molero & Adele Nunez, all of St. Bernard, LA

Connection made 14 Nov 2010.

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Rae Jacoby to jbjacoby333

Grandfather's 1st cousin

Rae & his dad, Albert Henry, owned Jacoby's-Home of Correct Picture Framing

Connection made 01 Jan 2010.

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Mesha M Hale to jbjacoby333

Distant relative

I'm studying this family & relations.I'd love to compare notes w/ others.

Connection made 14 Nov 2009.

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George M Jacoby to jbjacoby333


He was in the 42nd rainbow infantry division that later liberated Dachau.

Connection made 05 Jul 2009.

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