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Albert B Davis to dprobert

husband's great grandfathmothe

father of grandmother Alberta Bean Davis - left her mother 1911 before Alberta's marriage to Albert Probert, Cambridge, MA

Connection made 10 Mar 2012.

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Henry E Kenoyer to dprobert


my husband's grandfather

Connection made 12 Jun 2011.

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Herbert S Storey to dprobert

(Herbert's father, Charles D.)

Herbert's Aunt Georgiannna Storey Tripp of Gray, Maine, was my paternal Gre

Connection made 19 Aug 2010.

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Mary L Ward to dprobert


ggg grandma j.tripp's sister

Connection made 13 Aug 2010.

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Horace L Cobb to dprobert


mother, Betty Elaine Cobb, born in Arlington

Connection made 02 Feb 2010.

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Robert W Probert to dprobert

brother of Albert Probert, Sr., Russ' grandfather

Connection made 02 Feb 2010.

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