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Frank Stepan to Memorial of Ernest J. Sheen - WWII

Brother in law

Connection made 27 Oct 2008.

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Harry I Burns to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birthplace of Harry I Burns

Connection made 15 Sep 2008.

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Marion Hilton Cleveland Burns to Harry I Burns

Harry I Burns is the husband of Marion Hilton Cleveland Burns

Connection made 10 Sep 2008.

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Page 4 Includes Same Person(s) Page 29

Connection made 07 Aug 2008.

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JohnXSmith.jpg Parent Of JohnAndrewSmithFamily.jpg

John X Smith and Margaret Patterson Smith are parents of John Andrew Smith

Connection made 24 Oct 2007.

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Page 1 Is Spouse Page 1

Marion Cleveland was the wife of Harry Ingles Burns

Connection made 10 Oct 2007.

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