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Edward W Matchett to bboecher65


Connection made 03 Dec 2016.

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Harry O Marmion to bboecher65

Connection made 11 Jul 2013.

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EDWARD W MATCHETT (1927) to bboecher65

Little Ed as we called him was killed at the Battle of Kum River in Korea.

Connection made 19 Mar 2013.

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Clara Archer to bboecher65



Connection made 30 Sep 2011.

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Cora Louise Marmion to bboecher65

Wife's relative

Connection made 30 Jan 2011.

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Charles F Staudte to bboecher65


Lillian, nee Archer, Boecher Staudte was my grandmother. Charles adopted my

Connection made 17 Oct 2010.

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Harry Russell Matchett to bboecher65


Connection made 01 Sep 2009.

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