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Benjamin Ramsey to akelly1999

great grandfather

my great grandfather

Connection made 08 Dec 2012.

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Thomas Ramsey to akelly1999

great great grandfather

Thomas Ramsey is my great-great grandfather.

Connection made 24 Dec 2011.

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Elizabeth Palmer to akelly1999


elizabeth palmer is my great grandmother

Connection made 14 Nov 2011.

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Retha A Robinson to akelly1999


retha is my mother.

Connection made 31 Aug 2011.

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Maud A Riffle to akelly1999


maud is my aunt from my father's side, she is his sister.

Connection made 20 Aug 2011.

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James Robinson to akelly1999


Connection made 04 Jul 2011.

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Don E Riffle to akelly1999


don was my uncle

Connection made 16 May 2011.

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