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Justine Smigelski to TheresaGriffin55

2xs Great Grandmother

Her name was Julianna Grabowski Smigelski. She went by Julia since her immigration in 1886.

Connection made 17 Dec 2014.

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Joseph P Barger to TheresaGriffin55

First Cousin

First Cousin 1x removed.

Connection made 23 Jul 2014.

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Sophie Morath to TheresaGriffin55

Sophie never married;she lived with her niece Gertrude Schneider Hart.

Connection made 12 Sep 2012.

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Casimer Krauser to TheresaGriffin55

Half first cousin, 2x's removed

Julianna Grabowski's grandson. I am her great great granddaughter.

Connection made 12 Oct 2011.

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Bernard F Zoeller to TheresaGriffin55

Great Grand Uncle

Connection made 18 Apr 2011.

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Theresa Mckeon to TheresaGriffin55



Connection made 22 Jan 2011.

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Paul H Maier to TheresaGriffin55

Step GGrand Uncle

I'm Helene Cristich McKeon's stepdaughter, Theresa.

Connection made 22 Jan 2011.

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