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Chauncey T Canfield (Private) to Dean Mackinder (1952)

Connection made 26 Nov 2014.

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Virgil H Weibel to SandraChilds

Uncle, my mother's brother

uncle, mother's brother.

Connection made 15 Aug 2014.

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Paul H Bellmer to SandraChilds

Uncle to Jerry Childs, my husbad

Paul's siblings were Blanche Childs, Beulah Boynton & Dean Bellmer. Alive.

Connection made 30 Mar 2010.

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Roland Bellmer to SandraChilds

Granduncle to Jerry Childs

His brother Harold was my husband's grandfather.

Connection made 30 Mar 2010.

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Harold R Weibel to SandraChilds

2nd cousin

Harold's dad,was my grandfather, Emil's, y'gr brother. Grace Weibel my Mom.

Connection made 13 Jun 2009.

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