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Lacy Edwards to 3rdNCCavalry

Great Grandfather

Great Grandfather - Served with the 17th North Carolina, 1st Formation, and

Connection made 22 May 2010.

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R. E. LEE CAMP No. 1 Confederate Veterans - SOLDIERS' HOME, Soldiers' Cottages R. E. LEE CAMP No. 1 REFLECTIONS: VMFA And Confederate War Memorial Chapel

SOLDIERS' HOME Cottages of the R. E. Lee Camp No. 1 - This is the Campus of

Connection made 16 Apr 2010.

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Sgt. John "Jack" Blizzard, Stonewall Jackson's Messenger and Little Sorrell to Confederate Memorial Chapel, Richmond

The National Historic Landmark, Confederate Memorial Chapel is Interperted

Connection made 01 Apr 2010.

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R. E. Lee Camp No. 1 - Soldiers' Home Grounds, Richmond, Virginia Vets from R.E. Lee Camp No. 1 Confederate Veterans at Flag Service of R. E. Lee Camp No. 1 - Soldiers' Home Grounds

These Veterans live at the Soldiers' Home and are taken care of with the So

Connection made 17 Mar 2010.

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