Wisconsin 8th Infantry, Company H (Union)

    13 Sep 1861

    Wisconsin 8th Infantry, Company H organized at Wisconsin.

    03 Oct 1862

    Participated in the Battle of Corinth at Corinth, Mississippi.

    The Battle of Corinth
    The Battle of Corinth

    Union forces had captured the railroad junction and important transportation center at Corinth, Mississippi in the spring of 1862 after their victory at Shiloh. After the Battle of Iuka in September, Maj. Gen. Sterling Price's Confederate Army of the West marched to Ripley, Mississippi where it joined Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn's Army of West Tennessee. Van Dorn took command of the combined force numbering about 22,000 men. The Rebels marched southeast toward Corinth, hoping to recapture it and then sweep int… Read More

    15 Dec 1864

    Participated in the Battle of Nashville at Nashville, Tennessee.

    The Battle of Nashville
    The Battle of Nashville

    Despite a series of defeats in the closing days of November, 1864, Confederate Lieut. Gen. John Bell Hood continued to drag his bloodied Army of Tennessee, approximately 30,000 strong, north towards Nashville. The city was protected by 55,000 Union soldiers, which should have precluded further offensive operations, but Hood was determined and his situation was dire. Hood reached Nashville on December 2nd and staked out a position south of the city, hoping to draw the Union forces into a costly attack. Ulys… Read More

    05 Sep 1865

    Wisconsin 8th Infantry, Company H mustered out at Wisconsin.