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New York 32nd Infantry, Company F&S (Union)

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Company mustered in on May 31st, 1861 at Staten Island, New York. Company mustered out of service on June 9th, 1863.

Company was also known as:

  • Company F&S, 1st California Regiment, New York

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Facts about this Company:

  • Number of Soldiers: 44
  • First Enlistment Place: Amsterdam, New York, USA
  • First Enlistment Date: 1861-05-09 (1 soldier)
  • Youngest Soldier at Enlistment: 19 -- Lemon, George Frank (Major;Lieutenant Colonel;Commissary Sergeant;Comm Sergeant)
  • Oldest Soldier at Enlistment: 44 -- Alexander, John C. (Sergeant Major)
  • Average Age at Enlistment: 30.4 years old
  • Median Age at Enlistment: 31.0 years old
  • Wounded In Regiment: 1 (2%)
  • Prisoner Of War While In Regiment: 0 (0%)
  • Soldiers That Died While In Regiment: 3 (6%)
  • Soldiers That Died While In War: 2 (4%)

Commander List: (#Prisoner Of War, ^Wounded, %=Died during war)

Soldier List: (#Prisoner Of War, ^Wounded, %=Died during war)