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New York 5th Cavalry, Company E (Union)

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New York 5th Cavalry, Company E (Union) Casualties
Wounded(9)Died In Unit(16)Died In War(22)
New York 5th Cavalry, Company E (Union) Ages
Youngest Soldier: 17Laroney, Barton
Oldest Soldier: 43Merriman, Daniel B.
Median Enlistment Age: 22
Average Enlistment Age: 24.4
First Enlistment Date:1861-04(1 soldier)
First Enlistment Place:Olean, New York, USA;Washington, District of Columbia, USA(1 soldier)
Most Common Enlistment Date:1861-08-31(11 soldiers)
Most Common Enlistment Place:New York, USA(24 soldiers)
Most Common Muster Date:1865-07-19(33 soldiers)