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In Indian Territory (OKLAHOMA), there was a split of American Indians who sided either way. Many families escaped to Kansas and Missouri to take refuge from the war and later…

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Hmm...the Dawes said he was 1/2 Creek. I guess we are more Creek by a long statistical measure! This shows under oath and duress I might add, that Charklie was Full Blood 'Creek…

Spotlight: Charlie Coker - Full Blood Creek · 26 Mar 2010 You

How much father West can Seminoles go? More West than Creek Nation? Cheyenne Country?

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I got it! It reads Tusekia Harjo.

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Although I am not dislexic, it almost looks that way. Recently, I opinioned the thought of the writing for the mother of Whitney Walter Woodward, being Rebecca MOORE. So I am…

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Having researched this air disaster, I saw that Pres. Roosevelt was a bit callous for thanking Adolf Hitler for the airshow! It took lives! Was this all we could look forward to…

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This is my Coker relation. Says he is 1/2 Creek but lives (as of enrollment) in the Mekvsukey area in Seminole Nation, Indian Territory.

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