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Wm Hamilton of Center Twp., Indiana Co., PA

Image, found in Final Payment Vouchers Index for Military Pensions, 1818-1864: Page 1 · 08 Mar 2014 You

Died at Indiana, Pennsylvania Burial at Oakland Cemetery

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Smail, Henry · 27 May 2012 You

Name is Lydick in today's English.

Spotlight: Andrew Lutuk · 20 Apr 2011 You

John Shelliberger (SHELLENBERGER) Christopher Trewbey (TRUBY) Christian Stowfer (STOVER)

Image, found in Pennsylvania Archives: Page 297 · 14 Apr 2011 You

Medal of Honor 30 Jun 1862 at Glendale, VA Resident of Indiana, Pennsylvania

Image, found in Civil War Pensions Index: Howard, Henderson C. · 09 Dec 2010 You